Hi there, welcome to Rosy Photography!

Why Rosy?


1. Skin colored like a pink or red rose, typically as an indication of health, or youth.
2. Promising or suggesting good fortune or happiness; hopeful.

That is what we feel about a new life comes to a family, we feel about happiness, and hope. Also, we love to see all those cute babies’ pinkish face which reminds us health and youth.

Rosy was founded by Jennifer Yuan, over the last 10 years, she’ve realized her love for capturing the beautiful occasions of life. Her goal is to make those touching moments, those emotional expressions, and those beautiful ever changing moments last forever.

She firmly believes that throughout our lives we should be documenting every piece of our precious memories. Life passes us by so quickly, it’s easy to forget the small things in life. From the beginning: a sexy girlfriend / wife to a gorgeous pregnant woman, from getting married, to getting pregnant, and finally the beautiful baby (babies??).

We await the opportunity to listen to your life story, and we would be thrilled to tell your story with the clicks of our cameras. Welcome to visit our studio, lets grab a coffee and talk! ♥

Jennifer Yuan
Founder | Photographer

Yan Li
Event Photographer | Editor

Yuki Li
Photographer | Editor

Our Team

We have expanded our team with 3 photographers and editors, so that we can provide better services for our clients. Yuki has been an occasional photographer since we started Rosy Photography. She has been assisting a lot of newborn sessions and be able to get beautiful photos of each family. She also loves playing with kids and toodles. Yan is a great photographer for parties and events. She has been event photographers for 6 years, and she has a special pair of eyes for catching dreamy and beautiful angles of each party.


Boudoir Photo

Get Married

Boudoir photography is a sexy new trend that’s becoming especially popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom, or as a gift to her boyfriend and husband on those special days.

Boudoir photography is also an amazing gift for yourself, to show your strong, sexy and beautiful body.

For more detail about boudoir at Rosy, visit our boudoir page.

Maternity Photo

Get Pregnant
Maternity photos are not just about a bump on your tummy. They are not something we do just for our children to look back on. They are a way for us to celebrate the baby we’re about to meet, to celebrate with our current partner or family, and to celebrate the strength of our bodies. That baby bump of yours is beautiful.

Book with us to celebrate your pregnancy! Visit our maternity page.

Newborn Baby

Get Baby
Newborn photography— See those adorable photos of infants posed in baskets and buckets? Those poses you see in those pictures can only happen within the first couple of weeks!

Embrace those memories forever, and book with us while you are still pregnant, to ensure you get professional shots that you will cherish for a lifetime. Visit our newborn baby page. and 1 month-8 months baby gallery.

Named a Top Baby, Newborn and Portrait Photographer by VancouverMom.ca